Dating love make to love ru dating a workaholic

Make the right choice, and Rito will finally decide who truly has his heart.Ever watched a harem anime where you either got frustrated with how the main character never makes up his mind, or you don't agree with who he finally winds up with? Just be aware that this game requires a command of Japanese, and a knowledge of the characters, since the game assumes you already know who all of them are and doesn't waste time introducing them.If your OTP is Yui Kotegawa, they can get together.

Perhaps Yami, the living weapon who hates perverts (and considers Rito one)? Kotegawa Yui, the straight-laced and uptight girl who tries to maintain school discipline and morals? Or even someone unexpected, like Nemesis, the powerful and dangerous living weapon who loves nothing more but to tease Rito and company?Or even Yuuki Mikan, who remains in his mind despite his memory loss?


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