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Rapunzel is going on a romantic date with Flynn today and she has to look absolutely flawless. Even the beautiful Barbie needs a complete makeover session from time to time if she wants to look perfect. Help Angelina to choose the best outfit and makeup... Enter the Ice Kingdom and help two cute sisters reorganize their closets! She is thinking about a perfect outfit for her first day at school, ... s in a great need of a peasant dress and she couldn? She is trying to impress her husband again just like their first date! Ariel moved last week to a new city and she is going to a new school tomorrow.Help her brew up a deliciously magical concoction for her Halloween party! Today you can help our princess to find all her makeup and hairstyle stuff. What could be better than your wedding with the love of your life? You are in great party mood but unluckily fall badly on the street. You can still dress up and have a great look for the party! Your room is a mess, can you find all the lost fashion items quickly and be ready for the beauty contest? But none of them is quite ready to be the new president the country needs? When you get a spa facial makeover treatment in a big city, you can expect the hotspot to have a fantastic view of the skyline.You can check her room,and try to find her hidden objects. A fun dress up game which requires skills of finding hidden objects. Take part in the cool inner city makeover contest and complete the s...Beautiful Ice Queen is going to the castle ballroom. She has trouble in choosing the perfect dress and the perfect makeup. Enter the complete spa treatment and clean her skin for a spooky fresh look. Play an epic adventure story set during Halloween: the monsters have been injured by hunters and they urgently need a doctor, you are the only one who can help! Candy, veggies, and all sorts of scary cute critters are climbing in and out of this Witch's cute cauldron. Begin with a warm bubble bath, a session in which you have to make use of the newest prod... It can have something borrowed from each of the original dol... Join the two cuties right away and let's make sure they look flawless on the fashion runway. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both running to win the presidential elections in the United States. It also coincides with the day she has to do her nails, so she has decided to match them with her outf... All the college girls are welcome to take part and prove they are the fairest of them all. Fresh fruit and diamond scrub will make her face shiny and clean and ready herself for th... Werewolf Girl needs a special treatment for her monster face, a real makeover! Gather up the outfits they need, sort them out and throw away the old clothes. Mouscedes' beauty ritual is quite complex and you are here to make sure its steps are fulfilled one by one. Hmm, how about creating a new magical winged doll to join the crew?This beautiful girl has decided that she will have her wedding in Thailand, one of the most beautiful and exotic countries in the world.


Warrior Princess has been injured during a fight and she needs to find a doctor quickly.

Join three of the most beautiful princesses and help them get ready for prom!

Try on the most amazing dresses and match them with accessories, all three of them have to look stunning. Our three princesses are hosting a pijama party in their home.

Let's help our beautiful girl look great for another day at work. Discover Elsa's Autumn Lookbook and get inspired by the gorgeous outfits that she is able to put together this fall!


You can join them at the party and help them find the perfect pijama for the event.Choose from various outfits and find the pijama that...


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