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I also do not doubt that a great number of people feel they "cannot" get divorced, whether because of social pressure or financial issues.I do appreciate that there are a number of families who "live separately" without the actual paperwork of divorce.I don't know if they should be included in any statistical analysis. And is it a difficult process if one wants to get divorced?I am wandering because one of my Vietnamese male friends told me he is unhappily married and cannot get divorced because it is too difficult and it is culturally wrong to get divorced. Well what he says is correct, it this culture does not really accept divorce but technically / legally it is possible.However, I am sorry to say this but in my experience it is the man who is usually to blame 60-80% for the bad marriage.Many men in VN are neglecting their responsibilities.Especially because he's a man, he will be in least trouble.

I think divorce is actually quite common in recent years, as I have met many people who are divorced (or at least were at one point and have re-married).What I suspect is that society still speaks badly of the practice, especially in what happens to a family during a divorce, but it's actually a myth that divorce is still very unusual/uncommon.They have a baby, but 3 year into the marriage they are so unhappy.Ive been re-thinking this issue recently and would like to know the thoughts of TNH.

Also try to tell him and tell other Vietnamese that are not married yet to carefully select their partner.

I see a lot of VN singles who think: your a woman, I'm a man, lets marry.


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