Dating matt lanter

I know that Matt's fans don't visit that website (Datalounge) anymore to talk about him because of this troll and just the overall negativity there from self loathing gay men.But anytime you see an over-the-top nasty comment anywhere about Matt, it's probably from this one troll.So I was really surprised that she floored me when I met her face to face. Anyone seeing "woman" when they look at a normal pic of him is missing a few cards from their deck. They likely will let not start naming other cast members for that Amazon pilot until they get closers to actually filming it, whenever that is. Sometimes they will not even mention a new cast member for a show or movie until production is well underway.[quote]I for one am proud of a handsome, out and proud, gay actor, who gives two shits about looking flaming or whatever.Ever wonder why his kids cling to him more than his partner out in public?It's because children instinctively look to be nurtured by a female. He found someone willing to keep his secret.[quote] The poster who goes by the name 'Ilove Tay' is a troll from the 'Datalounge Gossip website' who has been creating nasty threads on that site for years now to bash Matt.If you go there and click on any thread about Matt you'll be shocked by what this troll has been saying there.


I know his writing style and was able to Identify him here when he talked of how HBO was not gong to invest 5 million on a film with a lead actor like Matt.

Also starting a thread here to talk about how Matt's not even in the The Nice Guys trailer, just to rile Matt's fans and feed on the negative responses.

Don't care what you say, those are female eyes and lashes, the hairline too.

Plus the fact he cannot grow a decent beard makes him suspect.


Bomer's been getting the shaft here for years, not sure why. The first time I ran into Christie Brinkley in the 80's. Every time I seen her I'm delighted and astonished. How many of you haters would fair so well having your looks and manners microscoped to death!??? Look troll, you can't take an antidepressant without the mood stabilizer. Seriously, when you start tipping the scales at 350lbs , what does an extra 25lbs matter. It must be exhausting and depressing to obsess so much over things that are so superficial and contrived. While the "pretty" label definitely applies, he looks nothing like a woman; his jaw alone would make him a very strange and masculine-looking woman. " He has a high forehead, which is practically male by definition.She wasn't a favourite model and she's not the kind of woman I ever found gorgeous. He'd make a great draq queen because he has gorgeous eyes and an expressive face, but he'd never "pass" except in very low lighting.


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