Dating men in the navy

It's a good DVD by the way -- pretty close to real life on the ship. (We were going to enlist in the air force together, but I got shot down.. He ended up going into the navy, as a nuclear tech, must be the popular thing to do..) Well, their relationship lasted for another two years while he was in the navy, but it wasn't a very good two years.


although i am not going he has told me that he will be stationed in california when not on ship so i will most likely move out there when i get through school.

If this is something that is serious, and you two plan on getting married, then you need to do all the research you can on things. It's called growing older and gaining life experience. The one thing I did was to make sure he got something in the mail from me everyday - even if it was only a card- while he went through basic training.


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