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In the city's hot and heavy dating scene, the latest trend for the legion of single people is to check exactly whom they are meeting for dinner with the help of the city's famed private detective agencies.

One information services company, Intelius, specifically targets daters.

Well, experts say the checks might come up with the most unexpected answer of all: a date was telling the truth about being an astronaut or a beauty queen. She lacked the physical voter support at the ballot box.... Must be our subruler Saturn, DO YOU WANNA VENT ABOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE TODAY THAT IS IRRITATING YOU OR JUST VENT YOUR FEELINGS, DO IT HERE. Here's mine: this is what I wanna say to her : Your a pain in the butt but I'm crazy about you, I know it's late and your I have him for a class and for lunch.



The firm uses powerful software and databases to collect information on an individual which is then collated into a report for the customer. The world has changed and this sort of thing is pretty normal for the way people date now,' said Petersen.

Some online dating websites now conduct background checks on anyone signing up for them to weed out people who are potentially violent or dangerous.

It's the explosive growth of online dating in America that is responsible for the increased use of background checks.

He gets numerous requests from wealthy fellow clients to run background searches on their potential dates. He charges 0 for a comprehensive background check or 5 an hour for a two-person team to carry out a surveillance of an intended date or new partner. One recent client's date had claimed to be a published author and a college professor. Another woman's prospective husband was eager to join a free dating service until he realised that the 'woman' who had been emailing him the generous offer was in fact Porteous, using a false name.


Certain US states want to make such checks mandatory for dating websites.

So what happened to romantic candlelit dinners and honest chitchat? On the other hand................................................... I cannot help but I don't know but for the past month I've been feeling really down and depressed. I feel like I can't relate to no one else, as I know other Aquarians often have this 'lonely' feeling.


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