Dating newport beach ca

I will teach how to move from dating to commitment, & how to create closeness + communicate to be heard & stop the fight + create more intimacy. You don't deserve to be in a relationship & lonely.

Let me help you successfully navigate your love life.

Are you unhappy in your relationship, stuck in a rut & want to feel close again?

Are you frustrated & disappointed with dating, losing hope that you'll find love & confused about why you're still single? Together we transform your unique blindspots that get in the way of loving & being loved.

First 15-30min training followed by 45-60min communication practice in dyads and groups for skill mastery. Join us for our live Ask the Expert Evenings (every second Friday of the month), Educational Workshops & Retreats.

Email to get on the update list & receive the most current dates/times & location. Send us your email address & best contact number to be added to the invitation list for updates & receive our dating & relationship advice newsletter.

Group forming now, start date (TBD) Email today & tell us which day (Mon OR Tues) & time 10a 11a, 12p or , , pm works best.

Develop the skills necessary to feel heard, understood & known in your personal/intimate relationship + be more successful at work.



For over 20 years I have taught clients the relationship skills required to have a healthy relationship, repair the hurt + rebuild trust.Psychology Today verifies the information at the time a therapist is initially listed in the directory and then upon expiration of the professional's credentials.Repair the hurt, reconnect faster, negotiate differences, delegate, resolve conflict & problem solve.Don't communicate less to avoid the fight, just learn to communicate better.

I also specialize in working with clients who struggle with depression, codependency issues + addictions. Whether you're a stay at home mom, working mom or a professional single woman the problem is the same ...endless to do's, perpetual busyness + the struggle to stop & savor life.Outpatient sober support & recovery + depression relief, is possible! Join us weekly to discuss how to have more balance, more freedom, more fun + receive the support + accountably you need to finally stop dreaming about the life you want & start creating it now.


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