Dating official relationship


reveals her dating dos and don’ts when it comes to bae and social media.

“I’ve never been someone who’s constantly on their phone, and I pride myself on that—especially in a relationship.

As we know by now, Rihanna and Drake have rekindled their off-and-on romance yet again, and we can't help but admit that these two have been pretty adorable together lately.

“There’s no right or wrong time frame, but when you do make things public—whether it’s to 10 friends or 10 million followers—just know that you are opening up your relationship to other people’s opinions, which can cause problems.

But I get it, people get excited and want to share their love!

Posting pictures together on social media happens naturally.

Some people can date for a year and still not feel comfortable with that,” she explains.


“Luckily, none of the men I’ve been with have been super active on social media.” She recalls, “Only one guy tried to post about us and I straight-up told him, ‘This is a private relationship—we don’t need to broadcast everything!'” For Kardashian, she also doesn’t like it when the dude she’s dating starts liking sexy photos of other women on Instagram.It’s so important to be in the moment and present with the people you love!If I’m dating a guy who’s always on his phone, I will let them know it’s not cool,” Kardashian, who is currently rumored to be casually dating Trey Songz, begins.

” As for going “Instagram official,” Kardashian believes there’s absolutely no timeline to declaring your relationship on social media.(After all, she did manage to keep her entire relationship with James Harden off Instagram and Twitter! Some people can be together for a week and it feels like a year.


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