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And that brings me to this month’s collectible: the humble, but ever so important canning jar.In the long history of food preservation, canning is a fairly recent entry.That’s right, summer’s bounty can be found at our local farmer’s market on Wednesday night, at fruit stands and in our own backyards.


The container was sealed with sealing wax that was poured into a channel around the top of the jar.

The jar was then closed with a tin lid that stuck in the wax.


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    Every time I answer a woman’s question about dealing with somebody who’s being creepy, there are the inevitable apologists.

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    The song is basically an ode to Cameron’s smile and “voluptuous” locks where he flat out says, “Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend.” Okay, okay, when taken within the context, we’re about 95% sure that this was just Shawn playing around, but there’s another 5% in us that thinks they would make a super cute couple. Lauren Giraldo — If Shawn and Cameron are as good of bros as they appear to be, we can only hope that this rumor is false.

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    One tweet featured Summer P writing, “Or how you told me that you gave Meek Drake’s reference tracks to make him feel better about Quinten [sic] not wanting to work with him?

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    It has continued to grow and adapt with its diverse membership.

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    As anyone who lives here knows, distance and traffic can be an obstacle when pursuing a new love.

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    Toward this end, in February 2013 the American Psychological Association commissioned this report by a panel of experts to convey research-based conclusions and recommendations (and to identify gaps in such knowledge) on how to reduce the incidence of gun violence — whether by homicide, suicide, or mass shootings — nationwide.

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    I flirted with someone else who had approached me, and lo and behold, Estebán appeared at my side a few moments later with an extra cocktail in hand.

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