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hen a macho man like Donald Trump Shows up in bobby pins, You'd think it would be front page news, But better think again: Although he looked ridiculous, The press just let it pass.(He says they're out to get him, But for once they saved his ass.) October, 2016 m with her," the buttons say, But will she be with us?(If it was on the up and up, You wouldn't think they'd care.) April, 2016 our Grapes He brings the independents in As Hillary does not.But that is not rewarded in The system that we've got: You have to be a Democrat To vote for him most places.July, 2016 ustice For Harambe You're s'posed to be judged by a jury, but wow...Trial by hashtag is what we have now: Millions of people expressing their view On how you f*cked up when you went to the zoo.


Hey, let me set you straight: A liberal would not campaign On bigotry and hate.

If primaries were open, He'd be winning all those races. I'm tired of his act: His haughty air, his stupid hair, Most everything, in fact.


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    (This is an argument from silence.) There is a noticable absence of Aramaisnis which would be more appropriate from literature written in the ninth century B. (prior to Assyrian and Babylonian influence) rather than in the sixth century B. (This is an argument from silence, plus: [1] dating on the basis of Aramaisms is not always exact, and [2] the books length does not allow one to argue on the basis of literary style.) The position of the book in the Old Testament canon argues for an early date.

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    " The video includes images of Bill Clinton smoking a cigar and sitting with Hillary as she can be heard laughing.

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    In offering this study of Negro music, I do so with the admission that there is no consistent development as found in national schools of music.

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    Lacking Ford or Mustang logos, the Shelby GT500 makes a statement, Brown called her time at the Beast"?

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