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Take a stroll through Romare Bearden Park before the first pitch and head out Uptown after.

Karaoke can require some liquid courage, so enjoy half-priced bottles or glasses of wine at Brazwells Premium Pub on Montford Drive on Tuesdays. Then stroll down the street to Jeff’s Bucket Shop and deliver the karaoke performance of your life.

How long has it been since you and your “other half” were on a date?



She's also the co-host of The Margarita Confessionals, named "Best Podcast in Charlotte" by Creative Loafing.

When she's not on the computer, she's brewery hopping, cheering on all of the Charlotte teams, and finding her next favorite coffee shop.

Grab tacos across the street at Maverick Rock Taco beforehand and get two tacos and a side for .50.

Kickstand Burger Bar offers trivia on Wednesdays, which is also conveniently half-price bottle of wine night.

Lace up your sneakers for River Jam Run, a trail race that precedes the River Jam concert series on the second Thursday of each month.After your run, grab a bite to eat at River’s Edge Bar & Grill and then jam out to the live music. On Thursdays, make a stop at Rooftop 210 at the top of the Epi Centre for this event filled with live music, drinks and an unbeatable view of the city. Grab a bite at Mortimer’s Café & Pub on the lower level of the Epi Centre when you’re done.


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    He has an exceptionally large personal record collection of over 60,000 records.

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    Agile approaches have a big impact on the way software is developed today.

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    Until then, it will just be the same guy with a different name.3.

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    " (Chivers, 2010, para 7.) Indeed, experts have asserted that technology has completely degraded what constitutes romance today (Heussner, 2010).

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