Dating on bigfoot

She eluded capture because the horses were so afraid of the strange creature that they could not be urged within reach of the lasso.This is a story that was recounted in the "Legends of Texas" published by the Texas Folklore Society in 1924.The creature was described as covered in short brown hair and was very fast.Some people think that the Bigfoot phenomenon is strictly a Pacific Northwest occurrence. There have been reported sightings in every state in the Union with the exception of Hawaii.In East Texas, which is where the majority of the reported sightings of Bigfoot occur in the state, there is nearly 12 million acres of forestland. There are four national forests and five state forests in Texas, all located in East Texas, the primary and most important forest area in Texas.


More » A family out for a drive in Craven, Saskatchewan, were shocked to see a hair-covered biped walking on a hill beside the road.They quickly took out their camera and filmed the creature as it walked into the bushes. It is clear, showing a biped, brown all over, with a conical head and long arm. More » On a road going going through a wooded area (north of Blueridge, Georgia on July 12, 2013, it says) some guy with a camcorder sees what looks like a Sasquatch on the road.This video was recorded in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.Three guys were in the park when they saw this strange creature and attempted to videotape it. More » In this video you'll see a family target shooting with a shotgun at some undisclosed location. After a few shots we see in the background a dark figure leap then run across the snow-covered field, then dropping down onto all fours.

One thinks it's a black bear while another insists that it's not because it is walking on two legs. More » Allegedly videotaped on July 4, 2013 at an undisclosed location, this claims to show an adult Bigfoot moving behind some large rocks.

It then picks up what looks like a baby of child Bigfoot and moves quickly away.


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