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Canoodle, the new online dating site made to find people who have interests like you. The mission of Canoodle is to help people find a perfect partner by using their interests in the most effective way. No longer do we encourage face to face judgement, this is true online dating where you can get to know someone for what they like, not what they look like.While Scamalytics is a service that the dating website would contract—as opposed to something that individual users would sign up for—there are a few key indicators that can help you weed out the scams in order to have a safe and successful online dating experience.Canoodle not only offers romance or friendship but that little bit more fun if you want to just enjoy yourself.With your consent we use information about you from Facebook so Canoodle can match your interests with others on our site.Canoodle respect your privacy and leave you to enjoy the site without interference.Visit today, make a profile and start to meet great people!YOU are in control of the privacy surrounding your account. At Canoodle we want to ensure that people's profile privacy is respected which is why we give you full control of your account.


Canoodle gives you the opportunity to have a good time, chat and flirt with people who share similar interests to you.

The chat rooms on Canoodle give you that little bit of privacy where you can meet someone and get a little bit flirty.


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