Dating persian guys

I knew a Portuguese man who married a friend (the stunningly-gorgeous daughter of another friend). His family was against the marriage ("you married an Anglo? Dude, if you're at that point, you don't need any more secrets. That's like saying the secret to hitting a home run is running around the bases.") and somehow prevailed upon him to break hhe marriage and abandon his son. She remarried, to another of my friends, and is now happy. She says she won't date white guys, but has never explained it to any of us. To the OP: in my (admittedly limited) experience with Iranian families, they've struck me as being incredibly insular and just a tad racist. They believe that you cannot convert to the religion, you must be born into it and are usually really reluctant to date outside their religion IME.White guys are invisible to Persian girls, arent they? Is there something Im not doing here, some subtle trick I dont know for liberating that ass? Either theres a secret to scoring with Persian girls, or I dont have a chance and never did. Informed opinions desired from either gender with relevant experience, please end my suffering.Ive had my share of tough projects, extracted my share of Indian/Greek/Chinese girls out from under their daddys' noses, Im not completely unskilled when it comes to the more delicate points and imperialistic overtones of interethnic romance. Shes Western born and raised, avowed atheist and wouldnt touch a mosque with a ten foot pole so religion cant be the issue. I've never met any Persian girls, but if they're as gorgeous as my my male Persian friend is handsome, they must be knockouts.


(And yes, I don't usually look at men and think, "How handsome".I suspect there is no chance for a relationship; according to the OP there has been plenty of oppurtunity, and if she really wanted to move out of the failed engagement and move towards the OP, she would have.


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