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‘Those acts involved attending with a speaker which could be activated to sound an alarm, the use of tights as masks, and the carrying of paintings as a pose for a robbery.’ He continued: ‘Their sense of humour is warped and immature.

‘It was quite foreseeable that those attending the gallery not being in on the joke and being familiar with the recent scenes of people running for their lives from terrorist acts would be terrified.’ Judge Snow said the men had caused ‘high levels of fear of violence’, a ‘risk of death or injury’ during the stampede from the National Portrait Gallery, and sought to ‘humiliate’ the victims ‘by ‘recording their terrified reactions to upload onto the internet’.

Daniel Jarvis, 27, Ebenezer Mensah, 29, and Helder Gomes, 23, pulled full-length tights over their heads and shouted ‘let’s get the paintings’ last July 5.

The trio had smuggled ‘ridiculous’ paintings into the BP Portrait Award Exhibition in bin bags and then pretended they were robbing high-value artworks as they ran amok during the ‘immature’ stunt.

Endrit Ferizolli, 20, took a speaker system into the Wolfson Gallery which let off alarm sounds as Dahn Van Le, 31, filmed patrons panicking for his You Tube channel Trollstation.

The gallery pranks – which it is understood he filmed – saw fake raiders with tights over their faces run into the galleries with paintings in a mock heist.



‘On Sunday 5 July the group planned two acts to take place in the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Britain Gallery.Jarvis, of Turner House, Whitehill Road, Gravesend, Kent, was jailed for 20 weeks, while Ferizolli, of Wakemans Hill Avenue, Colindale, northwest London, was jailed for 16 weeks.A notorious gang of You Tube pranksters are behind bars today for staging a ‘terrifying’ fake art heist in the National Portrait Gallery.One woman passed out as dozens of terrified art lovers fled from the the Wolfson Gallery during the stunt.

Later that day the pranksters, who have 718,000 subscribers, staged another fake robbery after Van Le carried fake paintings into the Tate Britain gallery, in Millbank, central London, with an unknown female who was thought to be in on the ‘warped’ joke.

Gomes ran into the gallery and dragged the woman out in a headlock as Jarvis and Mensah grabbed the paintings for another viral video.


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