Dating pranks online

These guys had no idea what they were getting their self into and when they got their self into it, the experience was absolutely classic.The victims expected a beautiful young blond girl to meet from a dating site called “Tinder”, but got something totally different. A brown hair ugly man in a wig approached them, “Hey it’s me Jessica”. The victims’ reactions to this prank are absolutely fall-on-the-ground- funny.I totally lost it with laughter and with over 500,000 You Tube views, I’m you did too. The fact that fake Jessica tried to hug these guys after they’ve discovered that he was a guy was absolutely hilarious. I would have probably seen the joke in this situation from the beginning and played along – well if no one was watching of course because I do not swing that way. Oh, my friend is the one who set this date up with you, I will go get him, I was just making sure that you weren’t a waste of time” and suggest that she is gorgeous, hop in the car and never come back. This prank could have turned out to be something else, totally. The reactions to this prank are priceless, the actor is absolutely hilarious and the idea is genius.When they pushed him away after he continuously tries to keep their connection thing alive was a classical move. I would probably hold his hand and skip up and down the street and then fake kidnap “Jessica” and pull off. Many people don’t take play very well and their reaction to pranks are negative and sometimes violent. I watched this video numerous times and it continues to get funnier. These guys who are victims in this video were not trying to have any part with” Jessica”, at all, lol.The fact that this guy came up with this trick was daring, but yet funny only because he pulled it off successfully.It’s safe to say, that the guy hosting this prank got lucky that neither one of these victims physically attacked him.


I’m sure after this day, their perception of online dating will change and they will ask more questions and require more proof if they should ever again decide to meet a girl from an online dating site.

I cannot count the number of times people have been like this? I don’t think so, this has to be one of the funniest pranks of all time.


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    Steer clear of these topics until you know each other better. Your 25-year-old may want to linger and go down the rabbit hole trying to figure it all out. Take care of yourself by initiating a conversation and sharing your needs and wants. This keeps you open to someone who might not be your type. Keep your body language open, play with your hair, smile, touch his arm.

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    The original source could be anything, probably the girls in the pictures have uploaded pictures of themselves somewhere online, or they are revenge porn uploads from ex-partners. Signups for paid webcam shows, or tricking you into putting in your credit card details for a promised webcam show which very likely you will never get.

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    The usual reply to "I'm friendly" is "Suggest you touch (type of creature)." So a norn would say "Suggest you touch norn." An ettin would say "Suggest you touch ettin." I had a norn who one day when she was just entering puberty was in a room alone expressing her friendliness, when a nearby door opened, and a male norn entered the room.

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