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Now is our moment to use our voices and send a message to Governor Cuomo, and one way to do that is by Tweeting him @NYGov Cuomo, using the hashtag #dontfrackmymother.New York is facing one of the bigger decisions of its history. Here is the video our team of badasses made with Sean Lennon and Artists Against Fracking: On the heels of Cuomo extending the moratorium on Fracking and the NY Assembly voting to ban Fracking in NY State until 2015, we now are in a great position to make a huge impact for a greener State of New York and Planet! If one big state, like, say, New York, allows Fracking, then your state could, too!The methane that leaks is 100 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Saving our environment is the fight of our lifetime.

Our planet cannot be held hostage to big oil money.

It has not been proven to be safe and has caused a lot of health risks in states like Pennsylvania where it has been practiced for many years.

Have you all seen the clip of the man lighting his drinking water on fire?


You can also help by signing the petition to stop fracking.

A couple of facts on Fracking: • The science shows – from industry’s own documents – that fracking poses a direct threat to our drinking water, our air, and our land.


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