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Make that first thing in the morning, and well, we won't go there!!!!

I don't know, I use it on and off and I've never gotten what some of the ladies describe.

It gets to the point where it's not worth the trouble. I remember on my old computer, everytime I would use the IM on here, it would crash my computer! Why not exchange phone #s and talk person to person, or even better still, get off that chair and get out and meet over a coffee or a beer and talk in person????????????

Give me a chair, or bench, a table with a drink of coffee or some libation and a smiling gal on the other side of the table, and you can make my day.

As for it not working, I've never had that problem. Overall, I guess I prefer to use it to chat with people I already know.

Although I have met decent guys through answering an initial IM.

That alot of people dislike the instant messaging option on this site. Is it because you would rather not be bombarded by instant messaging windows from complete strangers? For instance, I have "must have photo to contact this user" but you don't need one to IM me.

Or is it because the instant messaging option just doesn't appeal to people because it gives no time to construct a witty reply? SMIf it wasn't so unreliable it wouldn't be so bad though. Sometimes it's just an attention seeking troll as janatla said. IM's on this site, as well as any other, are a nuisance.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I do always make sure to look at the profile first and I don't even bother if there is no photo.I don't like how there's no record for what's said on IM as there is for messages.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.


After reading numerous profiles today, I came across a constant theme. Two reasons why I don't like it: 1) it only works half the time2) the blocking features that you list on your profile do not apply to IMs.

I have msn but don't go on it much and would rather chat on here than answer a message just to go on another site to chat. Answered an IM, chatted for about 5 minutes, found we had a particular thing in common, got his phone number and called him a couple hours later.


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