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On the Slovak side there is a pedestrian and bicycle trail along the river. The most convenient way (this is also the option for the lazy) is to go on canoes.

The river runs through deep corners here, sometimes it is impossible to predict which direction to sail on the raft.

This is one of the most picturesque places of Poland and Slovakia (in some sections Dunajec forms the border between the two countries).

Thanks to them, somewhat neglected Szczawnica Weather was not perfect; it rained sometimes, so we gave up with a walk to Homole ravine or funicular to Palenica Mountain.

But even in cloudy, rainy day you can take car trips around the area, going just like that, into the unknown.

Hot broth of lamb in the highlander’s inn has a unique taste in this case!

The height of those steep walls is 300-500 meters above the water.


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