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So a dating simulator is not simply a flash rpg that someone threw together in their basement, it is usually a deeply immersive story with a well thought out plot.

The best part of these simulators is that many of them are like a novel, but you are really in control of the main characters decision.

NSFW: 9 Virtual Reality Adult Games You Should Keep an Eye on The gameplay video features the same demo that's been used in many demonstrations.

And this time, you can see the girl doing study and reacting to your behaviors.



When the game was first announced, it raised controversy for the game was so real and you can look at the virtual girl from any angle.Anyway, the game remains the most anticipated VR casual games.Play Station Broadcast (JP) has just done a stream yesterday, which showed a new gameplay for Summer Lesson, the highly anticipated VR dating sim for Play Station VR.The game is being developed by the same team that's behind the Tekken series in Bandai Namco.

We’ve also excluded The Sims from this list because it is already very well known.

Here is our list for the 10 best dating games to play in 2015: This game is played as an interactive novel in which you get to make all the important decisions.


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