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Sabrata and Liptes) are topics that could be also be discussed.Talking about your own country might be of interest to some people.The well-known clubs in Tripoli are Al-Ittihad, AL-Ahli, AL-Madina and AL-Wahda.In Bengazi, the second largest city in Libya, Ahli-Bengazi, Al-Nsser, AL-Tahadi and AL Hellal are the most popular and oldest clubs in the city.Libyans are welcoming and generous to foreigners and would always try to help them adjust to the Libyan lifestyle.However, foreigners should know what topics to bring up when meeting Libyans.Furthermore, while meeting middle-aged or younger people, one could start the conversation by using the weather and then switch and talk about sports such as football (soccer).

Family discussion (not too personal) is always a good subject. You will be asked these types of questions as well.

Talking about the weather is a good topic to start with, especially the hot weather in summer and how to get away from it by enjoying the splendid Libyan beaches.

The nice places and the ancient cities in Libya (e.g.

If they have kids, you should ask questions about them. Work related discussions should not be too long especially if it is a non-related work meeting. Religion because if you start on that subject, certain Libyans might just decide to try to convert you!


One may need to approach the people differently depending on their ages, education and gender.There are many topics that could be used to start a conversation with Libyans.


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