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I wish I had the level of devoution and discipline they they seem to have.

To spread the message of the bible to strangers even though they are persecuted ,and quite often rejected, yet they keep on ,keeping on, because the message of the bible moves them that much.

They Jehovah Witnesses believe in the literal interepretation of the bible, and they take the 10 commandments literally, most will not even hunt , because of the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" commandment.

What I find interesting is the fact that they get so much positive inspiration from the bible, so much so ,that it becomes a way of life, yet some other people only find negative messages in the bible.

They are so devoted to God, and all of Jehovah witnesses I know ,study the bible almost daily, until they can virtually memorize every passage and scripture, the bible becomes part of their life.

I would say that the Christian faith does NOT denounce the message of the Jehovah witnesses, but some people who happen to be Christians may Judge the Jehovah's wrongly.

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