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All of their high-quality, instructor-led classes are tailored to meet the needs of beginners, practitioners and Scrum expert.

Filed under Classes View details We’re a team of medical students who run one-day exam preparation courses for medical school applicants in the UK.

They needed an event management website that would fit within their budget, and show off the rich array of knowledge and opportunity for learning at their conference….

Filed under Conferences, Event Espresso 4 View details Look Forward Consulting offers Scrum training in a number of Scrum public and private classes, as a Certified Scrum Master certification, to boost you from one stage in your Agile journey to the next.

The launch of the website has been part of the growth of the business and has assisted…

Filed under Camps, Classes View details Leading pain management group, National Spine & Pain Centers, recently sought Valet’s services to create a digital presence for their annual conference on pain management-Business of Pain Medicine.

Plentymorefish is one of the UK’s leading online dating sites.

Andrew, one of the technical experts and directors of Craftspeed was responsible for developing the first version of the website and saw its initial growth from nothing to a few thousand members.


Filed under Classes View details Website is to promote & book wine tasting events & courses for the business.

Northern Wine School operates within the North West of England, mainly around the city of Manchester.

Sports101 students can book onto courses using the new online booking system.

Features used such as calendar few, ticket limiting, google maps integration, and payment gateways have allowed us to create a booking engine geared towards Sport101s needs.

The initial business model was adjusted and Plentymore LLP was set up to manage the running and marketing of the brand while a 3rd party provides back-end technical and financial services.

Craftspeed is still involved in the running of PMF, which has seen strong growth throughout it’s life, and provides technical advice and programming services.


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