Dating site with nataliya

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge or permission to deceive their victims and steal their money. I'm beautiful woman,but I think you are more interested in my character and mypersonality, is’n it? There are many monuments and sights in Lugansk, and I think if you can visit it you will be delighted withit. After high school, Iwent to medical intstitut in Lugansk! Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. If you looking same please give me your mail adress and i write you more aboutmyself and send you my foto,ok? I will be waiting news from you Nataliya Hi my dear friend xxxxx! I'm so happy to hear fromyou, cause I'm so tired of being alone!! It's our first meeting and I believe that even itis virtual at the moment we'll become friends and even more some daysin real life. =) You know, very difficult to write about myselfbut I'll try. Since my childhood I wanted tobe a doctor))) I love my job! The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. Nataliya Received: from [] ([.219])From: [email protected] Point Ltd Alexey Levanenko Berdyansk, Ukrainecute_smile.jpg: 12/03/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6i_am_walikng.jpgmmm.jpg: 12/03/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6smile_for_you.jpg: 12/03/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6 Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL.


Waiting for your answer)) always kidding I'll never find a wife, let's hope she's wrongof course she is wrong! As for therelationship, for me it is a very difficult question but I think it iswhen a man and woman always come to compromise, and only then they areable to build strong and long-term relationship! I love toride a bike in the park in the evening, also I go 2 times a week tofitness. As for my hobby, unfortunately I spend a lotof time at work and I have not enough free time for hobbies. An Internet cafe advised me to use anonline translator or professional translator. I translated from Russian into English and thenback from English into Russian the same text. I was very upset and decided to pay for aninterpreter. well known as MBN-Pest Nataliya Hello my sweet xxxxxxx! It seems to me that you're a veryinteresting person and I'm with you very easy to talk to! That's why I decided to go toan internet cafe near my house. Nataliya Received: from [] ([.158])From: [email protected] Point Ltd Alexey Levanenko Berdyansk, Ukrainei_am_young.jpg: 17/09/14; am; Adobe Photoshop CS6kykolka.jpg: 03/04/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6listen_music.jpg: 17/09/14; am; Adobe Photoshop CS6near_house.jpg: 17/09/14; am; Adobe Photoshop CS6relax.jpg: 03/04/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6winter.jpg: 12/03/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6..... f=6&t=90920are the same Person/Gang coz same stable and same style to write...... My favourite dishes are sushi, macaroni with cheese, mushrooms andtomato sauce, pizza, borsch.

she's known with some Pics also as MBN-Pest .......

Nataliya Received: from [] ([.234])From: [email protected] Point Ltd Alexey Levanenko Berdyansk, Ukrainefor_you.jpgmilashka.jpgpink_dress.jpg: 17/09/14; am; Adobe Photoshop CS6pretty.jpg: 17/09/14; am; Adobe Photoshop CS6smile.jpg: 12/03/15; pm; Adobe Photoshop CS6.......


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