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New Friends4U is an Online Dating Agency designed to help you meet singles in Switzerland.

Once the kids are in school it is easier to find additional babysitting solutions.

40% of Geneva is non Swiss and there are many English speakers.

A lot of people work and travel quite a bit and do not have time or energy to go to places where they could potentially meet a life partner.

I noticed this when I worked as a headhunter in Geneva and launched a company called successmatch, provides personalized matchmaking services for busy English speaking professionals. Every thing is small scale, no major traffic, quite safe. There are so many things to do here that you will never be bored.

The Multinationals, banking sector and international organizations also bring many English speakers to the Geneva area.

There are all sorts of networks and clubs for English speaking international professionals.A great network for professional women that I can highly recommend is the Geneva Women in International Trade ch Being single and coming to Geneva it can be challenging to meet a nice partner.Geneva Married and three young children Great quality of life in Geneva and Switzerland in general.Being professionally active as a mother of very young children is challenging as it is difficult to find daycare.

Especially if you like sports, the facilities here are wonderful. For the "trailing" spouse it is often difficult to find employment, and then difficult to find good child care so it is important to be aware of that. Check out see the type of activities that other friendly international professionals are organizing.Before we moved to Switzerland we have lived in the US, Belgium, Spain and Germany. It is important to immediately get linked up and involved in some networks to help smooth the settling in process and make your stay more enjoyable.


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