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This new community was renamed Palmdale and was located where the present day civic center is.

47 years later, in November 2009, voters approved making it a charter city.

Its population was 152,750 at the 2010 census, up from 116,670 at the 2000 census.

Palmdale is the 33rd most populous city in California.

In 2013, the Palmdale / Lancaster urban area had an estimated population of 513,547.

"Palmenthal", the first European settlement within the limits of Palmdale, was established as a village on April 20, 1886, by westward Lutheran travelers from the American Midwest, mostly of German and Swiss descent.

According to area folklore, the travelers had been told they would know they were close to the ocean when they saw palm trees.


By the 1890s (soon after the last of the indigenous antelopes, which the valley was named after, had died) farming families continued to migrate to Palmenthal and nearby Harold to grow grain and fruit.

However, most of these settlers were unfamiliar with farming in a desert climate, so when the drought years occurred, most abandoned their settlement.

Palmdale is a city in the center of northern Los Angeles County in the U. On August 24, 1962, Palmdale became the first community in the Antelope Valley to incorporate.

The San Gabriel Mountains separate Palmdale from the City of Los Angeles.

By 1899, only one family was left in the original village.

The rest of the settlers, including the post office, moved closer to the Southern Pacific railroad tracks.


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