Dating someone with congenital hypothyroidism

All these features appear to be due to obstruction of the lymphatic system during fetal development.Another characteristic cosmetic feature is the presence of multiple pigmented nevi, which are colored spots on the skin, or moles.Turner syndrome affects approximately 1 out of every 2,500 female live births worldwide.It embraces a broad spectrum of features, from major heart defects to minor cosmetic issues.Linear growth is attenuated in utero, and statural growth lags during childhood and adolescence, resulting in adult heights of 143-145 cm (approximately 4 feet 8 inches).Final adult height in Turner syndrome can be increased by a several inches if growth hormone (GH) treatment is given relatively early in childhood.Almost all individuals with Turner syndrome have short stature.

This particular gene is important for long bone growth.

The loss of SHOX may also explain some of the skeletal features found in Turner syndrome, such as short fingers and toes, and irregular rotations of the wrist and elbow joints.

Some individuals with Turner syndrome may have only a few features, while others may have many.

Almost all people with Turner syndrome have short stature and loss of ovarian function, but the severity of these problems varies considerably amongst individuals.

The links to the right will allow you to navigate through the following text: Some individuals with Turner syndrome have a short neck with a webbed appearance, a low hairline at the back of the neck, and low-set ears.

Hands and feet of affected individuals may be swollen or puffy at birth, and often have soft nails that turn upward at the ends when they are older.


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