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A skilled and experienced clinician, support, and education about how to help yourself are also likely to produce the best outcome.It is important to ask your doctor about any concerns you have.Obsessions and compulsions are distressing, exhausting, take up a lot of time, and can significantly interfere with the person's family and social relationships, daily routines, education or working life.Common obsessions include: fear or contamination from germs, dirt, for example; fears of harm to self or others; intrusive sexual thoughts or images; concerns with symmetry, illness or religious issues; an intense, irrational fear of everyday objects and situations (phobia).SANE Australia also produces a range of easy-to-read publications and multimedia resources on mental illness.For more information about this topic see: The SANE Anxiety Disorders DVD Kit includes people affected, and those who care for them, talking about symptoms, treatments, and what you can do to help yourself.Common compulsions include: washing; cleaning; checking; hoarding; touching; counting; and repeating routine activities and actions. It is likely that each person's OCD is the result of several interacting factors, including genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, hormonal changes, and personality traits.


OCD is an anxiety disorder, characterised by the presence of recurring intrusive and unwanted thoughts, images, or impulses – obsessions and repetitive behavioural and mental rituals – compulsions.

People with OCD are usually aware that their symptoms are irrational and excessive, but they find the obsessions uncontrollable and the compulsions difficult or impossible to resist.

Treatment can help people manage obsessions and compulsions, to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of OCD.

The most effective treatment is psychological therapy.

The SANE Guide to Medication and other Treatments explains how all the different aspects of treatment work, by looking at clinical care, medication, support in the community and helping yourself.

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