Dating song lyrics from boys


If I like a guy, I’m not one who is going to reach for his hand or give him a long hug.I’ve set boundaries and believe these are things that should be shared with someone I would be very serious with—not a casual dating relationship.When He’s ready for me to take the step to begin dating, I’ll take it.Meanwhile, I’m going to concentrate on loving Jesus and sharing Him through music.


In my song, ‘God’s Girl,’ I sing about everything happening in His timing.

She is raised in metropolitan Atlanta, where she still lives today. Age 8: Starts manifesting symptoms of Tourette syndrome in the form of tics—involuntary movements and sounds—and an obsession to repeat certain behaviors and phrases. She has spoken about this condition in various American states through her music and speaking. She said that she had never turned her back on God but at this age, she had a renewed relationship with the Creator.


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