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It’s a part of who we are, by nature and by training.

Our software is bolstered by a dedicated implementation and support team.

You’ll have the peace of mind with the help of an assigned team capable of translating your business process requirements into the right configuration of the platform, as well as be able to respond quickly to your ongoing needs.

As an ecologist and biodiversity researcher and recorder, the author visits a wide range of rural and urban habitats mainly close to his home in Sedlescombe near Hastings, East Sussex, UK.

The weblog covers the full spectrum of wildlife, from mammals to microbes.

Our easy to use but powerful low code platform empowers a non-technical person to create a custom business application, while also allowing developers to extend the application by adding new screens, widget, integrations and other complex functionality.

As well as details of encounters with England’s flora and fauna, information on where to see species of interest is often given..

It was growing among grass at the base of a hedge by a well trodden path close to the main road and it is the first time I have ever seen one.


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