Dating stories from hell me 100 dating site

On the way to his house he told me he wanted to show me something.He took me to this girls house that he was infatuated with.What kinda of first date shows you a bush where he stalks another girl?!?!?!?!When I was single I always brought along "mad money" on a date...which was to ensure that I could always afford a Taxi or other transportation home the minute I wasn't being treated respectfully, as a lady should be..I wasn't enjoying myself..a guy made me mad! Also, whenever possible, I insist that I only go on dates if we each pay our own way...thereby eliminating all guys who think a gal owes them something because they spent a dime..eliminating guys who are to "bullshit macho" to treat a woman as an equal.Alot of guys don't know what the proper definition of "man" is...a REAL MAN is a gentleman, with high standards and morals, who protects others, not takes advantage of them. A "THOUGHTful" BIRTHDAY GIFT It was my birthday, and I was excitedly waiting for Ed, a man I'd been seeing for six months, to pick me up for my special night.When we pulled up to her house there was tons of cars and teenagers every where.He was so pissed because she was throwing a party and he was not invited. He showed me the bush outside of her house where he sometimes hides to stalk her.for all the stuff he had done to his ex - girlfriend. He was a big dork and never felt the same way he felt about me.

After a bad break up I was convinced by a friend to have a blind date with some guy she knew.

Anyway he was a total nutjob and proceeded to show me his very long criminal record, obviously thinking it was impressive, and telling me about how he had hit an old granny in the face with a glass bottle, and all the times he had been arrested for attempted murder etc. When I was in high school this kid at my church had a big crush on me.


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