Dating wagner cast iron skillet

German companies made the first Easter-themed candy containers in the early 1900s (and before in smaller quantities) often shaped as rabbits, ducks and chicks. Japan and other countries entered the market to compete and make a profit.

USA was a late joiner, waiting till the profit factor was well documented.

I display my Easter collectibles for a full month before Easter Day.

Commercial promotions began and The Easter Season was created for profit.

The USAs late entry into the market impacts what we collect, see and pay for these items in todays market. Some have painted-on clothes, fabric clothes or no clothes.

An often overlooked Easter collectible is post cards - they are bright, cute, even funny, old, authentic, made with high quality materials/ink/designers/drawers, and still inexpensive.

I sell mine at garage sales (and they still dont sell).-Chocolate mold, tin, chick, 3 -- -Cake mold, cast iron, lamb shaped, 2 pcs, 13 -- -Candy container, begging rabbit, brown, compo material, glass eyes, German, 1900- 1930, 5-9 -- to 0 -Candy container, begging rabbit, pulp, base, US, 1950 -- -Candy container, egg, papier-mache, German, 4 -- -Candy container, rabbit with basket in arm, glass, USA -- -Candy container, rabbit with flowers, composition, German, 7 -- 0+ -Sitting rabbit with mohair, compo, early 1900s, German, 4-6 -- 0+ -Chick or duck, celluloid, 3 to 8, some plain, some ornate -- -0+ -Lamp, Morton Pottery, US, about 1945 to1965, Easter Bunny with carrot -- -Ceramic Easter egg and bunny, 2-pc, newer (maybe 1960 to 1980) -- -Sheet music, Easter Parade -- -Post cards, Easter theme, -15 -Toy, windup, rabbit, tin with fur, Japan, 5 -- NOTE: I do not specialize in this area.

I do appreciate these items and own a treasured few pieces.

The bright colors on eggs and Easter baskets soon followed.

The Easter season offers a variety of collectibles for you to buy/collect/use/display.

Look back to perhaps 1900, 1925, 1940, 1950 and remember.Germany is well noted for being the pioneer in this industry, specifically with candy containers but the whole industry as well. Germany remained the leader in Easter items for many years.


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