Dating waterford crystal


Behind the spit lies the tidal lagoon known as the Back Strand. The area within a 16 km (10 mi) radius of Tramore is an area rich in megalithic structures (e.g.

Tramore has an imposing Gothic Revival Catholic Church (which is dominated by an asymmetrical tower and spire), on a monumental site overlooking the town, built 1856–1871 by J. Ballindud Cromlech; Ballynageeragh Cromlech; Knockeen Dolmen; Gaulstown Dolmen), signifying habitation long before Christianity.

A small fishing village until the arrival of the railway in 1853, the town has continually expanded since.

Initially the town flourished as a tourist destination and latterly it has developed as a seaside satellite town of Waterford City, which is 13 km to the north. The town is situated on the north-western corner of Tramore Bay on a hill that slopes down to the strand, or sand spit, that divides the bay.

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It was unique in that it was not connected to any other line.

Tramore railway station opened on 5 September 1853 and finally closed on 1 January 1961.


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