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” Has anyone ever read this and thought to themselves “You know what? And if you can’t take the time to write a little bit about yourself, then people will assume that you either think you’re too good for all this, or you’ve actually got nothing to say about yourself. If weeks pass by before you reply to someone’s message, they’ve already changed their opinion of you.

You’re constantly on show, being judged, like some kind of online romantic Crufts show. And while you might think kayaking is interesting and just obtuse enough to sound sexy, you’re guaranteed to end up chatting to the biggest kayaking fan in the world, and then what are you gonna do?

Then there’s the dating websites and apps available to use, dependent on if you’re looking for friends, a long term relationship, a one night thing, what kind of person you’re looking for. We’ve done the slightest amount of research, basically asking users of these sites “What do guys do on online dating that annoys you? So here you go guys, stuff that the ladies and the other guys find most irritating about your dating profiles. We know that you want to make yourself sound as good as you possibly can, but lying or exaggerating to the point of lying isn’t a good colour on anyone.

Plenty Of Fish, e Harmony,, Tindr, Ok Cupid, Grindr… Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if you think you’re not particularly active or interesting, other folk aren’t really interested in any of that. In this day and age, people don’t have patience for waiting around anymore.

Unless it is simply for the sake of a single hook-up, the most likely reaction to your headless, abs-only pic is “Oh, that’s hot. Even if it’s with your Mom, cos you might think that’s cute, but everyone else will think you’re still attached via umbilical cord.


The internet has made the prospect of a love life both fantastically easier, and infinitely more difficult. Moving on…” If you are insistent of showing off how good you look, then for the love of God, don’t take a selfie in the gym. If your profile photo is of you and three or four of your mates, then one of two things is going to happen: (1) people will automatically assume you’re the ugliest one in the group, (2) even if you’re not the ugliest one of the group, there’s probably some handsomer than you in the pic, and when you’re potential date finds out that it’s not you, then that’s game over. And if it’s someone you’re not related to, then the obvious question arises: “What’s wrong with him that she found undateable? “I’m really into swimming, hiking and kayaking…” No. You go swimming once a year when you go on holiday, and even then, it’s really more just floating in a pool with a margarita in your hand.On top of the ability of being able to talk to almost anyone, you’re now cursed with the ability of being able to talk to ALMOST ANYONE! You could be out playing an actual sport, or on a beach somewhere, a situation where posing for a photo with not much in the way of wearing clothes is an acceptable thing. Climbing Bray Head last summer doesn’t constitute as hiking.


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