Dating widower daughter


I really do not feel comfortable going as it will not feel right to me seeing my father renew his wedding vows to this other woman.

I understand my mother is gone and she is not coming back, but still I cannot help envisioning her flipping in her grave.

I am a widowed mother (with grown children) with the same man for 9 years now and I have also been the daughter of a widower who was fairly young (under 50) when my mother died.

I am just afraid of deteriorating my relationship with my father if I do not attend the wedding, but I still do not want to see this marriage as it is heartbreaking and I feel he is “cheating” on my mother.

As much as I hate to fib, I just have a hard time telling him that I am heartbroken by this marriage.

I find it heartbreaking seeing my dad with this other woman after I was so used to seeing him with my mother.



We live miles apart (I am in Pennsylvania and he is in Georgia) so it is not like I can easily attend the wedding.

If I lived locally I would go as in that case there would be no excuse out of it.


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