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Some ladies relied on the old adage sex sells: Jenny from Oregon showed him how agile her tongue is and Jordan from Arizona showed him “dance moves” she could do with her chest.

(See more head-scratching intros in the clip above.)The women selected were then shipped to an LA mansion to prep for a party where they met Kelce’s friends, and the aforementioned Anika already started getting on her housemates’ nerves by being too thirsty and encroaching on the ladies’ time with Kelce.


Within the first minute of the show’s premiere, Kelce shakes his money maker, does an impressive Michael Jackson impression, and sells a performance of The 26-year-old says he’s looking for someone who can hang with his lifestyle which includes appearing at awards shows and charity events in addition to getting along with the other football wives like singer Jessie James Decker, who is married to New York Jets wide receiver, Eric Decker.“I’ve been in the bar scene,” Kelce says, “I’ve been in the club scene, and I haven’t found what I’m looking for.”With a personality as loud as his suits, we agree with the guy who stands at 6 ft.

5’ when he says this experience is “gonna be fun as hell.” As soon as he gets those awkward meet-and-greets out of the way.

to sift through 50 women – one from each state – looking for his forever bae.

We know the thought of another hetero white male looking for love might make you want to roll your eyes and change the channel, but the Kansas City Chief has what previous vanilla dating contestants were lacking: personality.

Instead of rose ceremonies, uses what they call an elimination lineup to oust contestants.

The women chosen for the lineup go to Kelce’s house and he decides which of the women will be sent home. that the lady he picked is “an absolutely wonderful girl,” but he’s not going to put a ring on it just yet."I've always been a very success-driven person too so I'm very focused on trying to get my career somewhere," he shared.


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