Dating women breast size

Their overall appearance naturally comes into play, while self-confidence is also a desirable attribute – although this can come in numerous forms.

The way a woman dresses, smells and even forms her makeup can all make a difference and give that confident aura.

However, let’s view the situation in slightly more detail.

In 2010, Ask Men conducted a survey of their readers which sought to find out just what men really found desirable about the opposite sex.

The fact that only 24% of readers said that they didn’t care about breast size says everything you need to know about the general view, while .

Of course, there are plenty of other factors that determine the attractiveness from a male perspective.

However, on the whole, the “big breast factor” is significant and is widely considered.

Bearing the above in mind, we’ll now take an in-depth look on what men really think of the famous breast implant surgery and whether it really does help a woman become more attractive.

While we don’t have any statistics to hand, it seems that an increasing number of women are not satisfied with their breasts – and are becoming more and more intrigued by breast implant surgery.

However, while their curiosity might be getting the better of them, few people ask the question on whether or not men are fans of this procedure.

The obvious starting point is to ask whether or not men like big breasts.


The general consensus is that the answer to this question is obvious and the majority of males will base a lot of their dating decisions on the cup size of a prospective partner.

The breast implant is the most common procedure, although again we should perhaps take a look at just how men perceive this treatment before encouraging you to proceed with it.


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