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The first reason was that woman's abdominal body fat decreased their own sexual desire on a hormonal level, which would hamper libido.Researchers explained that in terms of evolution, humans are programmed to associate overweight people with an increased risk of health problems, therefore a woman with a slimmer waist is perceived to be healthier and to have a greater chance at reproductive success.What's more researchers said it was "noteworthy" to point out a slender waists were linked to better erectile function, greater frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse and greater sexual attraction independent of both partners' age.Lead researcher Stuart Brody, professor of psychology at the University of West Scotland said that there were two possible explanations for the "waist effect".


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    Act fast – this silicone love doll sits and waits for you. Pick her favourite outfit – Fantasize about Asian sex dolls in schoolgirl uniforms or one in Kimonos? Pay attention to her exotic and innocent-looking Asian face.

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    Either the photograph is shared due to some fallout between the two, or the picture simply somehow lands up in the wrong hands.

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