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So he chose a LES Italian bistro and I had mini butterflies as I went to meet him.I got to the place first, so was able to get comfortable at the bar before he showed up. He said he was going to hail a cab on the corner and I told him I’m was heading to the subway.For a while I was frustrated as I wasn’t matching with anyone on Coffee Meets Bagel, but soon enough Michael and I “connected.” The only intel I got from his profile was that he’s 42, he has no desire to ever leave NYC, he dressed up as the Hamburglar one Halloween and he can bind in yoga. Michael messaged me immediately, cutting to the chase and asked me out for a drink.This was a breath of fresh air to me as text/chat banter can go on for so long that it’s a buzzkill when you meet in real life.Why was Ryan willing to go to such great lengths to stay out of the foster care system?As soon as I saw him about to enter the bistro I had this feeling that this date was going to be a bust. I’m a hugger.” So I tipped my umbrella to the side, got under his obscenely massive umbrella to give a hug. Then he texted not 30 minutes later with “I find you to be sexy and witty…may I see you again Natalia” And I was like is it just me? Then I started replaying the entire date in my mind and had an inner debate as to whether I do accept a second date.And with that I give you my unfiltered highlights of my Bagel date with Michael: When we were finally calling it a night, we both stepped outside. How is it possible that he wants to go on a second date? I was thinking is this my last shot at love and happiness (dramatic I know, something I’ve termed Latina Dramatic Flair, LDF if you will). Your gut is telling you not to go on the second date.So the next day I texted back and politely said I just didn’t feel the spark and don’t want to waste your time. I mean he invited me under the guise of a drink and it ended up including dinner.



She said it’s not a time suck like Tinder where you can swipe right and left for hours obsessively.So I added Coffee Meets Bagel to my dating assistance arsenal.


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    She (as Alice) and Aubrey Plaza (Tatiana), portray pals who pose as the perfect wedding dates, so they can score a free trip to Hawaii with Zac and Adam De Vine’s titular sibling characters.

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