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Centred on the modern villages of Mursi and Xarra, the field survey provides information on over 80 sites (including standing monuments).Previous surveys close to Butrint have brought to light the impact of Roman Imperial colonisation on its hinterland.


As in the previous surveys, pre-Roman and post-Roman sites are remarkably scarce.Significant engagement with Butrint continued in Late Antiquity, but subsequently in the Byzantine period, as before the creation of the colony, the relationship between the town and its hinterland was limited and has left a modest impact upon the archaeological record. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.The Pub Sub Hubbub protocol is decentralized and free.This article provides a short report on a survey of the region to the east of the ancient city of Butrint, in south-west Albania.


As a result, taking the results of the Butrint Foundation's archaeological excavations in Butrint to show the urban history of the place from the Bronze Age to the Ottoman period, the authors challenge the central theme of urban continuity and impact upon Mediterranean landscapes posited by Horden and Purcell, in The Corrupting Sea (2000).Instead, the hinterland of Butrint, on the evidence of this and previous field surveys, appears to have had intense engagement with the town in the Early Roman period following the creation of the Roman colony.


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