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While it is incumbent on the Member to decide on what information the Member wishes to make available to other Members or other Internet users, The Company reserves the right to exercise editorial control over profile and picture content.

Should you no longer wish to receive these electronic communications, you may delete your Profile on the Account Details page.


By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you grant The Company permission to send electronic communications to you as part of the operation of this service by The Company.

This includes but is not limited to "Match mails", Newsletters and Promotional Offers specific to Dating Buzz South Africa.


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    A lot of men hate girls, but they're too scared to tell them that, so they find roundabout ways of doing it.

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    Online dating gives you a great opportunity to find out about someone before approaching them by reading their profile. It is advisable to sign up for a new free e-mail account for all of your online dating.

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