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He kept telling me that I was 100% perfect, which sounded great, but I started to get insecure that I'd do something wrong and burst his bubble.Minnie claimed that she was dating Pastor Troy just for publicity.Troy seems to be getting a kick out of the entire thing.There are also rumors that the two are expecting a child together. Minnie hasn't confirmed that news, and Troy doesn't seemed to be speaking up on that new story either.Guess we will all learn at the same time if the two are really dating and expecting a child after the show ends.I scrolled all 758 of the people #pastortroy following and he not following #msminnie and he has no pictures of her at all..else watching #littlewomenofatlanta ? I'm over with," he said while watching Wednesday's show. Minnie revealed to her friends and her mother that she made up the entire relationship about dating Pastor Troy. Minnie claimed that she felt a bit left out because all of her friends were dating and in relationships.A photo posted by tea n the shade (@tea_n_the_shade) on Jan 27, 2016 at pm PST star decided to come clean about dating the rapper, Troy took to Instagram where he appeared to be upset about Ms. With all of the back and forth between these two, we wonder if Ms.

According to the "Problem" singer, her shocking confession is the topic of her new song "Break Your Heart Right Back." Click through to the next slide to see her jaw-dropping admission, then continue clicking to see more stars' shocking dating confessions.

Let us know in the comments below whose revelation surprises you the most.

He's appeared on acclaimed television shows like "The Wire" and "Friday Night Lights," he's transitioned to the silver screen in films such as "Fruitvale Station" and "That Awkward Moment" and he's won several industry awards for his performances.

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he seemed amazing. He made grand romantic gestures--like, he brought me a huge bouquet of flowers every time we met up, and he drew me pictures and wrote me songs. But after a while, things in our relationship started to seem off.

With so many rumors surrounding Ariana Grande's love life, you would think that the singer would either clear the air or just stay quiet.

However, Big Sean's rumored girlfriend has decided to make things even confusing by dropping a major bomb-shell about one of her ex-boyfriends.


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    Moi c’est Frida, j’ai 22 ans et je suis une étudiante en commerce.

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