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He was one of the promising guys, but it was a failed romance. I replied that we were not compatible and blew him off after that. I cried and called Shona, my fellow ADHD friend who I had met at one of the guinea pig meetings about a year ago.

The night of the breakup, he told me he didn’t like that I did not listen and that I always interrupted him.

I’m realizing that this is an destructive pattern I need to break—this is a train wreck approaching, but how do I stop it? ADDitude does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only.

There’s always that one moment in life that you look back on and think, “What if I’d handled that differently? ” There are plenty of dating mishaps in my past that I’m happy to have behind me, but if I had to choose one to redo… ” Oh, prophetic words from the lips of a second year law student, who, let’s face it, may have been a tad tipsy at the time.

At our first meeting, however, Carl told me a long convoluted story about some cute girl who’d been in one of his classes the previous semester. In a genius burst of passive-aggressive manipulation, Carl had communicated to me that no matter how much he liked me, he wasn’t going to make the first move.

I felt hope begin to fade until he reached the end of the story. After much agonizing and some encouraging (bullying) from my friends, I asked him to the Barrister’s Ball, also known as Prom For Law Students and he accepted.

I’ll be the first to tell you, nothing is easy about dating a woman with attention deficit disorder. Since the meetup, she and I have turned to each other for support in rough times like this. If someone truly loves you, they will accept you for who you are.

We are (okay, I am) chronically late, prone to overreact, and poor at listening. While most women wouldn’t take it personally, I do, because I am usually left wondering whether the derailment was due to my behavior. They may think your scattered brain is cute and quirky, or that your leaving the keys in the refrigerator is cute,” Shona says. Give yourself credit for surviving the storm so far.” She’s right. Your use of this site is governed by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

I was in law school and my best friend Susan insisted that I meet, oh, let’s call him Carl. Or just delirious from pouring over legal texts in a crowded, stuffy library for hours at a time.

Susan was friends with Bill, Carl’s roommate, and for some reason she decided to play matchmaker. I met Carl, and while it might not have been love at first sight (well, ok, it might have been), it was at least extreme like.

Apparently at the end of the semester the whole class went out drinking together and his crush stuck close by his side all night, then, when Carl failed to make a move, gave him a hug and said “Call me sometime, sweetie! Once I’d made the first move, Carl overcame his alleged shyness and asked me out on our first date, which would occur before the formal.

A movie date would be a nice way to break the ice, we agreed.


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