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Etna (see attached table) is based on detailed field survey of morphologic and structural features outcropping on the volcanic edifice, supported by detailed analysis of orthophotos, stereo-pair photographs and satellite images.It helps to define more completely and accurately than previously done the structural network of active features that characterizes the volcanic edifice, and the relationships between faulting, fissuring and dyke swarms.Studying the spatial distribution of such species can therefore provide valuable information on the circulation of fluids inside volcanic edifices.Our study focussed on the composition of dissolved inert gases (He, Ne and N2) and He isotope ratio (³He/⁴He) in groundwaters circulating at Mt Etna volcano (Italy), because the concentrations of these species differ markedly between magmatic and shallow (crustal and atmospheric) sources, and they do not interact chemically with rocks.Morpho-structural data are drawn on a schematic geological map where the main sedimentary and volcanic units have been reported. Etna volcano exhibits active extensional features represented by normal faults and eruptive fissures which are related to shallow low-energy seismicity.These accommodate WNW-ESE striking extension, deduced from structural analysis and seismological data, related to incipient rifting processes at regional scale.

In the north-eastern slope of the volcano these fault system swings to a NE trend which it keeps northwards along the Ionian Coast to Taormina and as far as Messina Straits.The major fissural eruptions occur along well defined, feeder-dykes and spatter cones belts that cut the upper slopes of the volcano, on the footwall of the Timpe fault system.


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