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For now he plays in the ice hockey team of the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Daemyung Sangmu). All Yuna's"…Kim Yuna Falls in Love Kim Yuna has fallen in love. He is the national team’s undisputed best player, a graduate of Korea University who played for Anyang Halla.[DispatchㅣArticle by 임근호·송은주·서보현] Taereung National Training Center does not have a separate ice rink for figure skating.The figure skaters share the space with short track speed skaters, hockey players and others by splitting the time.

Figure skaters get the rink from 10 to 1, short track skaters from 1 to 3, and the hockey team from 3 to 6.Although Korea is the country of figure skating’s current golden girl, the training environment leaves much to be desired.


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