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Johnny doesn't have the future in the palm of his hands, comes with a rambunctious young son in tow and has a "Mom disapproves" sticker tagged on him.But Milly can't help but feel like her Underneath her manipulative, intrusive ways, Daphne loves Milly more than anything and wants the best for her.One wrong decision can change your life." Jason apologizes to Milly for losing his temper after she breaks a treasured item.

"[Motherhood] is the most impossible love," she says to her daughters.

Single mom Daphne Wilder has spent most of her adult life taking care of her beloved daughters. Despite being warned by her daughters to stay out of the matter, the overbearing mom takes things into her own hands by secretly running an Internet personal ad seeking a "life partner" for Milly.

With two of the three already in relationships, she's set on finding the perfect guy for her youngest, Milly. After weeding out a lineup full of dubious and/or deadbeat bachelors, Daphne's blown away by hunky architect Jason, who comes with a long list of impressive credentials.

Upon first meeting Jason, Daphne looks to the heavens and says, "Thank You, dear Lord." Later, her "prayer" is far less sincere as she yells, "Oh thank You, dear God" in the middle of a bedroom romp with Johnny's father, Joe. As far as visuals go, moviegoers see a series of clothed bedroom "action" scenes (couples kissing passionately and making out) and post-sex shots (bare shoulders showing from under the covers).


She's determined to have her daughter swept off her feet with this eligible catch and sets them up on a "chance encounter." But Milly's already found a man of her own: Johnny, a musician whom Daphne's deemed unfit.

Milly then does exactly what you would have done in a similar situation.


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