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I can't think of one of his roles that 20 or more other B-listers couldn't have pulled off. For as many wonderful people there are out there in the world, I’m willing to bet that there are just as many jerks.We rounded up a few diverse opinions from various message boards and social networking sites to show what an actual conversation would look like between the "Silver Linings Playbook" star's supporters and detractors.And yes, we know going on screen names alone can't 100 percent confirm the posters' genders, but we went with our best hunches.(Detective_scrotes, we're pretty sure you're a guy, if not in law enforcement.) One thing the Internet can all agree on: People like using exclamation points. My sister and I saw "Limitless" last night and we were both like, oh my goodness, he is stunning.I just don't get why they keep trying to sell this guy as a ruggedly handsome type or whateverthehell ... I'm not that typical teen who gushes over Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson ... He was still beautiful in the beginning when he was kind of a slacker/loser with bad hair, but once he cleaned himself up, cut his hair, shaved, and started wearing tailored suits and crisp shirts, he just took my breath away.



IMDB or whoever can touch up however many pics/posters of this dude that they want, I don't care ... [caption id="attachment_54279" align="alignright" width="220"] Warner Bros.[/caption] Is it weird that I think he is insanely drop dead gorgeous and I'm 17? I know that sounds corny, but I literally could not breathe when he was on screen.

Judging by the company he keeps and "chooses" to act with, I'd say Bradley is a big time douche bag!!


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