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Hollywood Lifers, who do you think Jennifer will end up dating next?

After making it perfectly clear to Harry Styles that they are never, ever getting back together, at The Grammys on Feb.

on the streets of Queens and the message couldn’t be more timely and powerful.

In an Instagram post, J Lo is seen in her character’s costume standing over a piece of sidewalk art that says “Protect yo heart” spray painted in bold capital letters with an upside down black and red heart with spikes coming out of it.

10, Taylor Swift is ready to move on and find her next love.



Hopefully Jennifer will take some me-time and not hop into another romance after her split with Casper.The pair got together when he was her 24-year-old backup dancer right after her marriage to Marc Anthony, 47, crumbled into pieces.She immediately fell for his sexy charms and he helped J Lo get her mojo back.On one side are the initials “PYH” and “423” on the other, which refers to a Biblical verse in Proverbs that reads, “ Jennifer is looking up at the camera with a serious expression, like she’s trying to directly share with us the powerful message, as she’s trying to protect her own heart following her final breakup with on-again/off-again love of five years Casper Smart, 29.

She spent half a decade in their torrid love affair and as we all know Jennifer is not good at staying single for very long.“Taylor would love to date one one of the guys from The Lumineers,” a source close to her tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.


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