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Cameron wondered at the smirk on Trenton's face before they all took a drink.Next, Trenton's father made a little toast to their family knowing each other for six years now, having met at the country club and formed an instant friendship.Trenton offered a soft apology then squeezed her hand before straightening for another picture. Cameron was surprised to get an amount equal to her parents since they usually only let her have a sip.


" her mother, practically giggling, popped her head out from behind the camera before ducking back behind it again. Promise." "Oh, you take as many as you need Eilleen, these kids are gorgeous and I wanna get a few good ones!

"But don't you worry Cammy, you made the better choice with this boy here. " Cameron stifled a laugh as Trenton muttered "Moooommm" under his breath. Her mother tittered the same sentence she had said just moments earlier and emptied the rest of the roll on various shots of Cameron and Trenton standing in front of the fountain, the garden, and the wall of shrubbery that lined one side of their yard.

Magda chucked her under the chin, tweaked her son's nose as if he was five, then went off to sit with her husband and Cameron's father where they watched the spectacle from behind a puff of cigar smoke. Finally finished, Cameron's father popped open a bottle of champagne and her mother arranged several glasses in a row for him to fill, passing them out to everyone.

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The bright light flashed in Cameron's eyes and she winced involuntarily. "I can't wait to send some to Emma Jean Harris, you know she'll be pea green with envy that her boy Bobby didn't win your daughter over like my Trent did.

Alliance, Cameron thought, would have been a better word. By the time the parents ushered her and Trenton to the car, Cameron felt the effects of the drink flooding through her, making her giddy.


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