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Neither of my kids were old enough for school yet which meant minimal outside activities and since their mom wasn’t working any plans she and I had were normally a go.

And I’m convinced, if nothing else, the suggestions in these posts will give you new perspectives to mull over.

We had been dating a month or so, she knew up front that I had young kids and while never married or with kids of her own she claimed she was fine with my small carry-ons.

The latest estimates show there are over 14 million single parents in the US.


If you are, have, or are thinking about going out with a single dad this series is for you.

Think of it like insider information or getting your hands on the other team’s playbook.

Some want to relive their teenage years again while others move quickly to recreate some version of what they just left.

With those vast numbers there’ll come a point when most eligible women will be be asked out by a single or divorced dad.


Yet after marriage all of those courtship skills eventually wither and die by atrophy as life settles into couples’ dinners, late night bottle feedings or diaper changes, and yard work.But as the marriage wears on the lad now with a mortgage, two German automobiles, and 2.5 kids finds himself bestowed with what he secretly and frequently pondered – to be single again.


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